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    Week 8 - Module 8: Creating Transformational Culture Hello All, Isn't it something how our behaviors and decisions can cause changes in our personal and relational structures moment by moment? It's seems we are constantly creating shifts and waves into the fields of consciousness or the invisible realms. It was recently that I came across a HeartMath webinar where templates of consciousness is now being measured by technology. It's suggested that those templates possess it's own content of information. One of the most interesting parts of this research was related to company culture and how the shared templates of consciousness can be the determining factors of new employees will stay or leave; or whether new ideas will be accepted or about needing to "leave" spaces open in our personal templates to adapt and be flexible... None the less, this module focuses on how to develop the cultural dimension of transformational organizations. By the end of it, you should be able to describe core qualities and practices for a transformational culture. Onward, Rod

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    The Wall: Since we have a “Wall” here at Ubiquity, I decided to show a Wall I helped paint a few weeks ago in Portland, Oregon, USA. Isn’t it beautiful? It is on the walking overpass at the “Hollywood Bus Transfer Station", which allows access over the trains and light rail service in Portland. Unfortunately, its beauty comes as a result of a tragic event that happened on one of the trains, just a year ago. On that day, a crazy White Nationalist man was shouting racial slurs at two young women–one an African American and the other a Muslim, wearing a scarf. Three men, also on the train car came to their defense, telling the man that his behavior was inappropriate and he should get off the train. He attacked them with a knife, killing two and severely injuring the third. Fortunately, the teen women got away without injury, but the incident sobered the neighborhood. The City of Portland and the Transportation Department decided to memorialize these heroic actions in the face of racism and violence by creating a mural and invited artists to offer a design that would honor a spirit of peace. A young Egyptian-American woman submitted this idea and was chosen to do the mural project. She then met my Palestinian friend, who used his architecture/design skills to make the model. In addition, he was able to craft the Arabic Calligraphy, which is seen on the bottom right level in green and yellow, which is one of the eight languages saying something about Peace. As I spent the day in the sun, sitting on the floor of the wheelchair ramp and filling in letters from languages I did not know or recognize, I was amazed by the heartfelt “Thank You’s” offered by mothers with kids in strollers, old men with canes, disabled people, homeless people with their shopping carts filled with the necessities of street living, blind women with service dogs, and bicyclists off for an afternoon ride on this side of the tracks! Everyone was so pleased to see the darkness of this place of sad memories turned into a rainbow of color and positive messages! One woman said she hadn’t been able to come back there, until now, when she could see goodness shining out again in her community! On Sat, May 26th, this mural with be christened during a memorial for those heroes who died unnecessarily near here! All are welcome! So that’s my story of this “Wall”! I also have other stories of other walls, but this will do for now! Dianne G. Brause

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    Just wanted to check in with everyone and see how everyone is doing! I want to invite you to share with me your experience of the new platform and how you are enjoying your coursework. All dialogue is welcome!

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