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    @jim-garrison Hi Jim! I just wanted to share that I LOVE the new website. It was an honour talking to you, I am looking forward to our next conversation. Kindest regards, Menno.

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    @dina-krumpan Hi Dina, Wonderful to see you in the Self-Mastery Group! ūüėÄ I‚Äôve uploaded a file to your profile with information regarding the Self-Mastery Group! Enjoy your day! ūüėÄ

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    SACRED LAUGHTER I've been enjoying a practice that I learned at the Integral European Conference recently which Doshin Michael Nelson called Sacred Laughter. You start by finding something that you've been moaning about recently, and you moan extra loud about it, sigh loudly etc. I keep going with this until a laughter starts to take over. Pretty quickly the laughter completely replaces the moaning, as I laugh at how ridiculous it is that I have been worrying so much about whatever it is. The laughter racks my whole body until my sides literally ache. It's a very liberating experience - highly recommended :-).

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    Week 8 - Module 8: Creating Transformational Culture Hello All, Isn't it something how our behaviors and decisions can cause changes in our personal and relational structures moment by moment? It's seems we are constantly creating shifts and waves into the fields of consciousness or the invisible realms. It was recently that I came across a HeartMath webinar where templates of consciousness is now being measured by technology. It's suggested that those templates possess it's own content of information. One of the most interesting parts of this research was related to company culture and how the shared templates of consciousness can be the determining factors of new employees will stay or leave; or whether new ideas will be accepted or about needing to "leave" spaces open in our personal templates to adapt and be flexible... None the less, this module focuses on how to develop the cultural dimension of transformational organizations. By the end of it, you should be able to describe core qualities and practices for a transformational culture. Onward, Rod

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    @rick Hi Rick!

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    @dina-krumpan Hi Dina, please send me your email address for the Great Books info

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